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Dad, son, nephew: Round Tuit, Inc

We keep our territory small

For efficiency, we work near where we live, near our families and friends, and also near our suppliers, meaning Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, South Miami, Pinecrest and a portion of Palmetto Bay. We've been known to go to Miami Beach but only for one homeowner and only because we've been friends with that family since forever.

Expensive, right?

Incorrect. In fact, just to toot our own horn for a moment, it's been observed that we are a value because we're going to make sure the job is done right. Nothing is more expensive in home remodeling and repair than a job that is done poorly. If we've learned anything over the years it's that for the homeowner, the best savings are realized when the project is done right the first time. That is our mission.

The first of these custom gates leads to the backyard path. The second had been a decorative arch opening to the front entry, but now creates a private courtyard on the way to the front door.

Since 1973, the concept for this family owned business has been simple: provide quality carpentry services to homeowners, quickly, efficiently and with a dose of good cheer.

Door and window installations, kitchen and bathroom renovations, soffit and fascia repairs, columns, trellises, gates ... and more. We've been doing this work since our teen years and have the experience to do it well. Plus, we have a knack for it.

We've Been Doing this
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Now you browse the brief gallery below (we aren't photographers, by the way, and these are just a very few shots; follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more). You'll check that we're licensed and insured (we are, Miami-Dade County cc#14129), and then you'll give us a call (305.259.1950). Or fire off an eMail (


To create those finishing touches you've dreamed about, let us know whenever you get around to it.

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The drab front entrance is transformed by this beautiful door installation

A complete bathroom renovation for a homeowner with exceptionally good taste

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